Thursday, November 26, 2009

False Hope

In February of 2009, the BBC falsely reported that,
The 44 horse-drawn carriages will be confined to parks during the week, under plans drawn up by the city, and allowed in the centre only at weekends. They will be replaced on weekdays by electrically-powered vintage cars.

This is absolutely FALSE. There have been no plans to move the carriages to the parks and off the chaotic streets of Rome, nor have they been replaced by vintage electric cars. There are plans underway to introduce the electric cars next Spring, but this is problematic. The city plans to put them in the same places as the horse drawn carriages, and this will ultimately lead to a failure of the program. Unfortunately tourists have been falsely led to believe that horse drawn carriages are a more traditional and romantic means of transportation. They have been led to believe that the horse drawn carriages have existed for centuries as a means to transport people in the city, when, in fact, they were only ever used for the transportation of goods in Rome long before the invention of cars. They were used before Rome ever had the chaos of congested streets or severe pollution that comes with cars and scooters. Don’t be fooled! Say NO to a carriage ride

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