Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Shocking Video by LAV

Last Monday, the 25th of October, LAV and 13 other animal rights organizations had a press conference at city hall in Rome and they presented this video showing not only this mistreatment of the horses in Rome, but the total disregard for the laws that have already been implemented. The WONDERFUL Minister of Tourism, Michelle Brambilla is for a total ban on this useless, cruel, and outdated industry. We at Horses Without Carriages International ROME say BRAVA to Ms. Brambilla. We also say BOOOOOOOOOO!! to the Pdl leader, Luca Gramazio, who has said publicly that Rome needs even MORE regulations, not abolition. Um, what we want to know is how can you say regulation and welfare work after seeing this totally blatant disregard for the weak welfare laws that already exist? Please email Luca Gramazio at: luca.gramazio@libero.it, segreteria@realtanuova.com

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Demonstration Saturday November 6th Against Carriages in Rome

Saturday, November 6 · 12:00pm - 3:00pm

LocationPiazza San Marco

Created By

More InfoSabato 6 novembre, 100%animalisti organizza a Roma, dalle 12.00 alle 15.00, un presidio contro le botticelle.

Appuntamento ore 12.00 in piazza San Marco (in fianco a piazza Venezia)



Saturday, November 6, 100% Animalisti a Roma, from 12.00 to 15.00, a defense against the horse drawn carriage.

Meet at 12.00 in Piazza San Marco (in next to Piazza Venezia)

Get involved!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Photos of Horse Drawn Carriages in Rome

Birillo is one of many casualties of this cruel industry. Here he is dying after a traffic accident.

Horse that has Collapsed in Piazza Navonna

His name was Legoli, he was a champion. When they decided it was time for him to retired, they sold him to work as a carriage horse. He died afterone long hour of agony and pain after being hit late at night by a car. Please note that the law states that a horse cannot work for more than 6 hours a day. Why was he out so late at night?

Horse Carriage in Traffic

Horse dying in the streets of Rome: Birillo

How many more horses need to die or collapse before the mayor of Rome bans this outdated and cruel industry. When in Rome, please do not cause suffering to animals!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

World Wide Petitions Against Horse Drawn Carriages

Please spend a few minutes of your time to sign these global petitions. Say no to a carriage ride!



If you know of any others, please feel free to comment so I can link them here.

How the Horses Feel

This is a cartoon by Dan Piraro that I saw on Facebook for the events page for the 29th of June. OIPA and No Alla Caccia hosted an information table regarding le botticelle and had this enlarged. All the words in the world can't convey what he has in this simple cartoon. Imagine if you were an underweight horses forced to carry an overloaded carriage around the chaotic streets of Rome. Just the other day my friend saw a horses overheating and forced to stand in the sun with the carriage attached to him. She first complained to the driver, who promptly dismissed her as a puttana, or whore. Apparently if women in Rome make a man know the truth she is automatically labeled a witch or a whore. That is off subject, though. She then proceeded to to get the police involved, and they told her that if the horses is overheating, "Go buy it a gelato."

So even though there are welfarist laws, albeit not exactly protecting the horses, they are not enforced. If you are a tourist in Rome and considering a carriage ride, please reconsider. These drivers mistreat their horses. They are underfed, sometimes working up to 12 hours a day in the heat of the summer. They are forced to carry loads of up to 900 lbs. and sometimes forced to do so when lame. They don't spend their free time in pasture, but locked in stables. This year the horses are worse than ever. I see them everyday. Horses with cancers, sores on their legs, horses with pus in the eyes, and what really gets me, the fact that the horses all seem to be thinner than ever. The type of horses used in Rome are not draft horses, they are not bred for pulling heavy loads. regardless, Rome is covered in uneven cobblestones, and chaotic traffic full of scooters that spook the horses. Please, JUST SAY NO TO A CARRIAGE RIDE IN ROME!!

If you haven't already, please sign this petition.


Monday, April 19, 2010

New Laws: Nothing has changed

Recently the city of Rome announced new laws that were created to supposedly "protect the welfare of horses" in Rome. These new welfarist lies are a joke, and prove that only a ban will do. Even with these new laws, horses are not protected at all. I have seen each of the new restrictions broken on numerous occasions, because drivers in Italy know that the police can be bought, and will do nothing. Why bother citing a carriage driver when there are better things to do, for example, citing me as an illegal in Rome when I have permesso. They are simply filling the coffers, people.

Today was a "great" day for carriage drivers in Rome. While the Carabinieri were busy giving ME an illegal ticket for working, I saw horses running(against the law), more than 4 passengers(against the law), and passengers in the front with the driver(against the law).

Italy=Hell on earth for Horses.

If anyone has been to Rome lately, you would see that the majority of these horses are skin and bones at this point. Drivers, hay AIN'T expensive!! Some of the horses of tumors on their faces and are drving BLIND, with their faces totally covered up so clients don't see their suffering. Many have rotten feet. It is a disgrace. After all horses have done for human beings, they get treated like this?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

An Open Letter to the Mayor of Rome from OIPA

In English

OIPA-Open Letter to the Mayor of Rome

Dear Mayor Alimanno,

Here we are again on the serious problem of the horse drawn carriages in Rome. To this day this problem remains unresolved despite the mortal incident that occurred last year, the creation of a proper scientific commission, the promises from the municipality not maintained to eliminate once and for all the anachronistic horse drawn carriages from the center of Rome and relegating them to the parks. Here we are once again despite all of the promises made, yet that remain unenforced. Not even the restrictions, though minimal, from the deliberations which was not a decisive for the well being of the horses have been to this day applied. We are asking you for information and updates, for example, a list of the so-called off-limits streets that you announced last September and expressively including in the above mentioned deliberations. Two points, for example, “ The horse drawn carriages are forbidden to pass through streets believed unfit or with
excessive incline as mentioned in theProvvedimento dirigenziale” You can also read, “The itineraries and the more suitable resting areas. They are located within the provvedimento dirigenziale within 90 days from the approval of the present deed. With the same theProvvedimento dirigenziale it has been decided the means of monitoring the service even with satellite GPS.”
Please note that these 90 days have expired as of the 28Th of October 2009. Until now nothing has been decided nor communicated from the municipality on this matter and does not even look as if the matter is under discussion. Obviously nothing has been done and the horses keep being forced to run up the most difficult streets where the fatigue of pulling 700 kg. adds up to the same as running up excessive inclines, or double the fatigue. This includes streets such as Via Veneto, Via Del Tritone, Via Sistina, and Via del Circo Massimo. What are the reasons for such tardiness on the approval f a listo f streets? Do we have to wait to see yet another horse collapse in the street to obtain from you the list of the forbidden itineraries(streets) or make you decide which streets are forbidden? Do you at least have the intention if not to avoid an accident, which will happen since the botticelle still exist, to at least postpone it in time by
deciding immediately which streets are the most dangerous to be excluded from the acceptable itineraries? Romans show a growing sensitivity towards the way these animals are treated in our city and are ever more against the, “tradition of le botticelle,” which is, at this point, a tradition of the past.
The consciencness of the respect these animals deserve goes along, by the way, with the recent proposal of law that is intended to recognize the status of an animal of affection, just like the dogs and the cats. This law would forbid the butchering and exploitation of horses in general. OIPA is bringing the petition, signed by some 12 association (which has now reached 5000+ signatures) with which it has been asked that the horses will be liberated permanently from the carriages and to be substituted with electric “vintage” carriages. These are undoubtedly a more civilized and more secure means of transportation for the safety of the passengers and the safety of the drivers.
Last October 547.000 Euro was set aside for the realization of experimental electric carriages that could be the first step, if there is a real intention to commence this project from the municipality, towards the definite banning of the “botticelle.” Considering a year has now gone by since the approval of this project from the municipality, we ask that you decide as soon as possible about the assignment of the realization of a new fleet of electric carriages and we want you to decide that the veturini will be automatically converted as drivers of this new means and abandoning the old.
Tel Aviv has recently banned the donkey and horse drawn carriages and becoming the first city in Israel to refuse this cruelty. Could Rome do as much by finally saying, “No!” to this obsolete means of transportation?
Finally, we remind you that the law of commune di roma article 46,2 on animal rights says, “ It is forbidden to transport a number of people superior than the seats for which the carriage is registered, not including the drivers seat, and the only allowed pace is the walking pace. It is also forbidden to run up uphill streets outside the ZTL.”
This article is regularly ignored by the veturini who drive the horses full throttle. The walking pace, which is the only allowed pace, is basically never applied. Even concerning the number of passengers it is easy to note that often a tourist sits next to the driver, which is not allowed. When there is a large family, the veturini accept the ride so as not to turn down business. The horse will be the one who pays for this. For the same reason, the summer break is not respected: comma 3. “From the June 1st to September 15Th it is forbidden to make horses work from the hours of 1pm-4pm. “ This past summer, our volunteers spotted carriage on multiple occasions carrying tourists during the forbidden hours. The restrictions included in the law are therefore ignored, also thanks to the total absence of controls or enforcement by the police. The office of the animal rights has not applied it’s role, not even guaranteeing the controls
on the very few existing rules!
Seeing the state of affairs when the next horse will die, will we have the courage to call it an accident?

Sign the Petition


Egregio Signor Sindaco Gianni Alemanno,

ritorniamo sul grave problema delle botticelle romane, ad oggi non risolto nonostante gli incidenti mortali risalenti all’anno scorso, l’istituzione di un’apposita commissione scientifica, le successive promesse da parte dell’Amministrazione, poi non mantenute, di eliminare una volta per tutte le anacronistiche carrozze dal centro di Roma relegandole nei parchi, infine la delibera del 20 luglio scorso. Nemmeno le restrizioni, minime, previste da tale delibera, di per sé comunque assolutamente non risolutiva per il benessere dei cavalli, sono state ad oggi recepite né dunque applicate.
Chiediamo notizie per esempio dell’elenco delle cosiddette strade off-limits, preannunciato a settembre ed espressamente previsto dalla delibera suddetta: “è inibito il passaggio delle vetture pubbliche a trazione animale in strade non ritenute idonee e/o con pendenze eccessive indicate con apposito provvedimento dirigenziale”. Si legge anche: “i percorsi e le aree di sosta più adeguate sono individuati con provvedimento dirigenziale entro 90 giorni dall’approvazione del presente atto. Con medesimo provvedimento sono individuate le modalità di monitoraggio del servizio eventualmente tramite controllo satellitare”.
Facciamo notare che i 90 giorni sono scaduti il 20 ottobre scorso e fin’ora nulla è stato deciso nè comunicato dall’Amministrazione su questo punto, né pare si stia dibattendo sulla questione.
Molto semplicemente non è stato fatto nulla, e i cavalli continuano a essere forzati a percorrere anche le strade più difficoltose dove la fatica dovuta al traino di un carico di 700 kg si somma a quella dovuta alle pendenze eccessive di strade come via Veneto, via del Tritone, via Sistina e via del Circo Massimo.
Qual è la motivazione di un simile ritardo per l’approvazione di un elenco di strade?

Dobbiamo aspettare di veder stramazzare a terra un altro cavallo per ottenere che vengano stabiliti dei percorsi vietati?

O per lo meno c’è l’intenzione, se non di evitare un incidente - che prima o poi avverrà visto che le botticelle sono ancora in essere - almeno di posticiparlo nel tempo deliberando quanto prima l’esclusione delle strade più pericolose dai percorsi consentiti alle carrozze?

I romani dimostrano una crescente sensibilità nei confronti del modo in cui vengono trattati gli animali nella nostra città e sono sempre più contrari all'istituzione della ‘botticella’, ormai icona del passato. La consapevolezza del rispetto che meritano questi animali è in linea tra l’altro con la recente proposta di legge che intende riconoscere al cavallo lo status di animale da affezione, al pari del cane e del gatto, vietandone la macellazione e il generale sfruttamento.

L’OIPA sta portando avanti la petizione - sottoscritta anche dalla LAV e da altre 12 associazioni e arrivata ad oggi a 5000 firme - con la quale si chiede che i cavalli vengano liberati per sempre dalle carrozze, e che queste vengano sostituite con altre a trazione elettrica, mezzi più civili e senz’altro più sicuri per l’incolumità stessa delle persone che le utilizzano, vetturini compresi.
Lo scorso ottobre è stata individuata la somma di 547.500 euro per la realizzazione di carrozze elettriche sperimentali che potrebbero essere il primo passo – sempre che sussista la reale intenzione di portare avanti il progetto da parte del comune - verso la definitiva messa al bando delle botticelle.
Considerando che è già trascorso più di un anno dalla valutazione positiva, da parte del comune, del progetto del prototipo di carrozza elettrica chiediamo che si deliberi quanto prima in merito all’affidamento per la realizzazione della nuova flotta di carrozze elettriche e che i vetturini vengano automaticamente convertiti a conducenti dei nuovi mezzi abbandonando la vecchia ‘botticella’.

Tel Aviv ha recentemente messo al bando i carri trainati da cavalli ed asini, diventando la prima città in Israele a rifiutare questa crudeltà. Riesce Roma a non essere da meno dicendo finalmente e definitivamente ‘NO’ a questo mezzo di trasporto ormai obsoleto?

Ricordiamo infine il regolamento del comune di Roma per i diritti degli animali che all’art 46, comma 2, recita: “ E’ fatto divieto di trasportare un numero di persone superiore a quello dei posti per i quali la carrozza è omologata, non a cassetta, e la sola andatura consentita è il passo. E’ altresì proibito percorrere strade in salita fuori dalla Zona a Traffico Limitato”
Questo comma viene regolarmente ignorato dai vetturini i quali conducono i cavalli al trotto. L’andatura al passo, la sola consentita, non viene praticamente mai rispettata. Anche per quanto riguarda il numero dei passeggeri nulla di più facile notare che spesso accanto al vetturino siede un turista, cosa non consentita. Quando la famiglia è numerosa in altre parole i vetturini accettano di fare la corsa pur di non rinunciare all’introito, sarà il cavallo poi a farne le spese. Per lo stesso motivo non viene rispettata la pausa estiva (comma 3. Dal 1° giugno al 15 settembre è vietato far lavorare i cavalli dalle ore 13,00 alle ore 16,00): quest’estate in varie occasioni i nostri volontari hanno avvistato carrozze che si spostavano con i turisti a bordo durante l’orario vietato. Le limitazioni previste dal regolamento vengono quindi ignorate, complice la totale assenza dei controlli da parte delle forze dell’ordine.
L’ufficio diritti animali non ha finora svolto il proprio ruolo nemmeno quindi nel garantire i controlli sulle pochissime regole vigenti!

Visto lo stato attuale delle cose ci chiediamo: al prossimo cavallo morto si avrà ancora il coraggio di parlare di “incidente”?

Distinti saluti.

Giovanna Di Stefano
Responsabile Campagne OIPA Itala

Silvia Premoli
Capo Ufficio Stampa OIPA Italia Onlus
Cell. 320 4056710

Friday, January 1, 2010

Write a Letter to the President of Italy against Horse Drawn Carriages

Dear Readers,
I know it has been ages sincce I updated my blog, but I am hoping that this message gets out. I have tried to promote online petitions regarding the cruel horse drawn carraige industry in Rome, but they were addressed to the politicians of the city of Rome. They seem to ignore our demands. This following letter was written by the the president of OIPA, an animal rights organizations. I am hoping that you will also participate and send this email, even though it is in Italian, to the President of Italy. At the end of the email, feel free to write your own comments in your own language and I might suggest saying that you plan to boycott Italy as a tourist destination until the "Botticelle" are finally banned in the city of Rome.
In the subject, please type, "No Alle Botticelle!!"
For even great effect, feel free to attach the following photos of this poor horse, who was killed in the cruel streets of Rome that I have already posted on this blog.
to: presidenza.repubblica@quirinale.it
Egregio Presidente,
Le scriviamo per rivolgerLe un appello, affinché non ratifichi le misure razziste e incostituzionali contenute nel cosiddetto "pacchetto sicurezza" approvato in via definitiva dal Senato il 2 luglio scorso, dopo ben tre voti di fiducia imposti dal Governo. Le chiediamo di rimandare questo vergognoso decreto alle Camere, chiedendone la modifica nelle parti palesemente incompatibili con la nostra Costituzione e con le norme del Diritto Internazionale. Siamo convinti che non è respingendo nell’illegalità chi arriva nel nostro Paese in cerca di asilo e lavoro per sfuggire all’oppressione ed alla miseria che risolveremo la questione dell’immigrazione. Non denunciando i malati che si rivolgono agli ospedali in cerca di cure, non rifiutando alloggio e istruzione agli esuli, non impedendo i matrimoni o separando i figli dalle madri; non è cancellando i diritti di altri esseri umani che affermeremo i nostri: c’è una sola Umanità. Il profondo squilibrio nella distribuzione delle risorse del Pianeta, lo sfruttamento di interi Paesi in epoca coloniale, i conflitti seguiti all’arbitrario tracciato di confini politici sono alla radice dei flussi migratori. Apparteniamo a un Paese nato dalla fusione di popoli e culture diversi, che tanti cittadini ha visto partire in cerca di un futuro migliore, a un Paese che ha vissuto l’orrore delle leggi razziali; signor Presidente, dica per noi quel “No” che impellente ci affiora alle labbra, con la Sua autorevolezza ci aiuti ad avvalerci, come diceva Primo Levi, della “facoltà di negare il nostro consenso”.
Write your personal message here
Con profondo rispetto