Monday, April 19, 2010

New Laws: Nothing has changed

Recently the city of Rome announced new laws that were created to supposedly "protect the welfare of horses" in Rome. These new welfarist lies are a joke, and prove that only a ban will do. Even with these new laws, horses are not protected at all. I have seen each of the new restrictions broken on numerous occasions, because drivers in Italy know that the police can be bought, and will do nothing. Why bother citing a carriage driver when there are better things to do, for example, citing me as an illegal in Rome when I have permesso. They are simply filling the coffers, people.

Today was a "great" day for carriage drivers in Rome. While the Carabinieri were busy giving ME an illegal ticket for working, I saw horses running(against the law), more than 4 passengers(against the law), and passengers in the front with the driver(against the law).

Italy=Hell on earth for Horses.

If anyone has been to Rome lately, you would see that the majority of these horses are skin and bones at this point. Drivers, hay AIN'T expensive!! Some of the horses of tumors on their faces and are drving BLIND, with their faces totally covered up so clients don't see their suffering. Many have rotten feet. It is a disgrace. After all horses have done for human beings, they get treated like this?

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