Thursday, April 21, 2011

Volunteer Attacked by Carriage Driver in Rome

Ideal Conditions for a Horse???

"Volunteer attacked by Carriage Driver"

The association against the use of carriages in the city charges that on, "Saturday, April 2 at Piazza Venezia, one of our volunteers was hit, pushed and spit on by a Carriage Driver, and the Commune di Roma has not done anything., “ said Councilor Visconti, "This is a very serious episode. Environmental and Animal Rights Once again, groups will meet soon"
“Once again, another attack by a carriage driver in Rome.” This was the accusation of OIPA, an organization that fights for the abolition of horse drawn carriages in Rome
"The carriages in the capital continue to be a problem, not only for horses, but also for the safety of the citizens themselves, who are more increasingly victims of violence by one of the coachmen. They said in a statement.

The story of the episode: "On Saturday, April 2, at Piazza Venezia, a volunteer of OIPA who was who was raising awareness on the suffering the horses endure due to the carriages of the barrels was attacked by a driver. He, “Got out of his carriage in a threatening way , gave a strong push making the volunteer nearly fall to the ground and, not content, he also spit on the volunteers head. "

"The volunteer, who also suffers from a severe disability was literally shocked and filed a regular complaint against the driver responsible for this shameful behavior, “ The association continues, “Now add this episode to a long series of violent acts against citizens guilty only of worrying about and voicing their concerns about the health of those 90 horses, that every day in all weather conditions, with virtually no time restrictions, are forced to tow cars overloaded with tourists, the streets of downtown, in the middle of the traffic and smog. "

"How can this state of events continue under the eyes of the authorities? If somehow the driver had been taken to date he would not have had that arrogant attitude arrogant think it is so easy to attack a fellow citizen of Rome, "Said OIPA.”People are sensitive to the fate of the horses, are increasingly outraged, as well as the absence of measures for the protection of animals, including the immunity enjoyed by this category of coachmen. OIPA wants to promote the electric carriages, as announced by ' municipal administration two years and yet has not yet been seen. “How much more will have to wait to put an end to this issue? “Said the note from OIPA, “The City of Rome makes promises with words and written paper (which is reality these resolutions are ineffective and never applied), but still no concrete change.”

Solidarity with the attacked volunteer was expressed by, Patrizia Prestipino: ''The attack suffered by an OIPA volunteer is yet another disturbing episode that features yet anothercarriage driver. The gesture is even more serious because the victim is a disabled woman on disability who is only guilty of being concerned with animals’ well being. For months the City has continued to promise a solution to this anachronistic service, but has not changed anything and continues to add up the reactions displayed by the coachmen who have no fear of losing the privileges they enjoy. Obviously someone is comfortable that things remain as they are.''

The story also spoke of the deputy in charge of Roma,, Marco Visconti, '' the aggression perpetrated against a volunteer is a very serious incident, an unacceptable and cowardly act and I therefore offer the greatest solidarity,” said Visconti, “And the strongest condemnation against those who committed the violent act. In the coming days I intend to meet with animal rights groups to review progress on the issue of horse drawn carriage in Rome.'' End Story.

How many of these violent episodes need to occur before the city of Rome wakes up? this is UNACCEPTABLE! We want a total ban, NOW.

If you are visiting in Rome, please enjoy Rome on foot, on a bike, by bus, by Segway, or taxi. Taking a Carriage ride in Rome means you support not only cruelty to horses in Rome, but violent drivers and corruption. There are laws that are never implemented, and the drivers have no set rates.

"Obviously someone is comfortable that things remain as they are"


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