Sunday, May 22, 2011

June 4th: Horses Without Carriages International Day

Saturday, June 4: For the occasion of Horses Without Carriages International Day, with

LAV - Lega Anti Vivisection Onlus comes to the streets of Rome to show their opposition to the continuation of the cruel and anachronistic horse carriages.
The botticellle are based on the exploitation of poor horses enslaved in the name of a tradition that no longer has any link with the identity and image of contemporary Rome. According to a recent online survey of October 2010 as many as 89% of Roman advocates the abolition of the barrels.

The initiative is aimed at all groups and all citizens who wish to demonstrate peacefully. Information materials will be distributed and you can sign the petition OIPA.

It is time to abolish the horse carriage industry in Rome NOW!

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  1. this picture of a dead Birillo - literally hog tied - being hoisted onto a truck - is so disrespectful. There had to be another way to remove his body. But then why should this horse be respected in death? He was not respected in life - forced to pull carriages of ignorant tourists and when he was dying - made to wait for help.

    This tiny industry is a liability to Rome. It needs to be shut down now.